What Is a Sugar Baby

sugar baby

A sugar baby is a person who receives material or financial gifts in exchange for the relationship. There is a common belief that sugar babies are exclusively women. But in reality, sugar baby is a universal term. Sugar babies can be anyone who will fit the definition no matter what their expression or gender might be.

The biggest population of sugar babies is discovered to be found in college students. Even though it was reported that the average age of sugar babies is 25 years old, many college students are aged 18 to 22, which is why most sugar babies are paying off their student debts after college.

Sugar babies don’t fit into a particularly strict mold or criteria. Sugar babies may be looking for an arrangement mainly because of financial reasons. There are also those who want to engage in a long term or short term relationship aside from the financial help they receive. And then, there are those who are hoping to find a sugar parent that they can marry or have a lifetime partnership.

There are different reasons why a sugar baby is searching for financially successful older partners. However, many of them who label themselves as sugar babies are searching for some sort of financial support as a part of the relationship arrangement. Clearly, there are no payment standards here and any kind of financial support is perceived and sought as gifts instead of payment.

Most sugar babies aim to have a one on one exclusive relationship with one financially supportive sugar daddy or mommy.

Featured Sugar Babies

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I am a student, studying law! I enjoy getting the most out of my day by being social and adventurous. I would love to enjoy the company of a gentleman over a cocktail at a bar on the river!

I am seeking a gentleman. Someone honest, direct, and kind. I’d like to meet someone who is wise, generous and willing to share his insight.

sugar baby 3

Uni student looking for something fun and easy whilst making me more accomplished . I genuine connection is equally if not more important to me though.

sugar baby 4

I am 23 and work quite busy hours as my job requires a lot of my time as a bar manager. But I prefer discreet, Nsa meets with someone fun.