What Is A Sugar Daddy

sugar daddy

A sugar daddy is a rich man who can offer financial benefits to his partner(young & beautiful woman). Sugar daddies often cover the bills and tuition fees of their partners and bestow them with all sorts of gifts.

Sugar daddies are often generous older men who spend lavishly on their girlfriend, boyfriend, or mistress. They are also usually businessmen who consider themselves too busy to engage in conventional dating.

There are three levels of sugar daddies. The lowest end is known as the Splenda Daddy. These sugar daddies promise to shower their partners with gifts and cash but most of the time, his income limits the things that he can do. The second level is the sugar daddy with a budgeted amount of the sugar funds that he sets aside for his sugar partner on either a monthly or weekly basis. Finally, the Honey Daddy is the cream of the crop. There are no limits or boundaries to his income and it is easy for him to support even several sugar partners at the same time.

Being confident and experienced older men with a busy life, sugar daddies don’t want wasting their time on conventional relationships. They have come to realize that traditional dating involves high expectations, playing games, and excessive drama. Sugar daddies are often fed up with this kind of relationships that only start and end dramatically again and again.

Instead, what sugar daddies look for are great partners so they can enjoy splendid and transparent life with them in the best way possible.

Featured Sugar Daddies

sugar daddy 1

i am a shy but warm kind of a person that likes to have fun and go places where it is warm i am a jeans ad swetpants kind of a person

sugar daddy 2

Proud father of two awesome young adult children. Loves to travel and make memories. The true measure of a man is the smile he keeps on his special someone.

sugar daddy 3

I am open minded,fun, humble, attractive, clever, with a very rich mind. I love to travel and hope we can explore the joys of the world.

sugar daddy 4

totally about my business have my own home on toys thought about nonsense I have a great relationship looking for someone to keep me occupied